colm Leather Tray 皮革收納盤

colm Leather Tray 

▍將經典物品收納於皮革之間,由日本設計師 Yoshinobu Narita 先生設計並使用CNC技術在皮革上通過精密的3D數據切割壓制成型,讓生活小物也能擁有合適的質感置物空間。 

This is the original brand by product designer Yoshinobu Narita.In accordance with their own curiosity, it is a project to explore the potential of products in a variety of attempts such as process and material. The first step is to expand the items that were taking advantage of the three-dimensional molding of leather. Enter the 3D data, cutting the precise mold by the CNC (automatic milling machine),It is three-dimensional molded by pressing the leather in the male mold and the female mold. 

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▍四色 : Black / Brown / Camel / Blue 

Size _ W210 × D90 × H20

L Size  _ W210 × D160 × H20

Material _ 牛ヌメ革