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2017 Classico GR-GreenRoom Ideas Cooperation 聯名推出一支耗時三年的眼鏡 UNO1,雕塑感的造型上實踐了幾何學的美學風格,成為個人必備的生活道具。Uno1問世至今再歷時三年的演繹,GR 以不變的態度將美麗的事物、影響世界的思想植入設計題目 UNO2 當中,使生活更加美好。

In 2017, Classico has released Uno1 glasses, in collaboration with GR (Greenroom Ideas Cooperation) over three years, reflecting the beauty of geometry in its sculptural design, making it a daily essential item. Three years later, with the same concept to create positive impacts in the world with beautiful things, the second collaboration Uno2 of GR was born to make our everyday life better.

UNO2 採圓形鏡框設計,追求合適亞洲臉型的鏡面尺寸,凸顯你的優雅與機智;此次的鏡面尺寸能延用 UNO1 鏡片與 Caesar Flip,讓永續精神在眼鏡設計上體現。在鏡框中間的鼻橋以圓柱作為連結的結構,功能上更為強壯,也展現幾何科學的精確美感。 鏡架的設計有別於 UNO1 的雕塑型態,更強調現代性,讓重量感受上也減輕相當 。鏡腿圓形收尾處提供配戴舒適性的設計,不僅能讓市面上一般眼鏡掛繩使用,更能搭配 UNO2 特製的掛繩設計,搭配出個人獨特風格。

Uno2 has a round-shaped frame and focuses on the lens size that matches the typical Asian face shape, making an elegant and intelligent impression. The lens size is the same as Uno1 and can be attached to CaesarFlip as well, where the spirit of sustainability is reflected. The bridge uses a cylindrical shape that is more durable and expresses its geometric beauty. Different from the sculptural form of Uno1, a modern shape can be found in Uno2. The weight is reduced, and the temple tips are rounded to improve wearing comfort. Along with other eyewear retainers, you can enjoy a unique style with the Uno2 special edition strap.

五色可選:黑 / 琥珀 / 透色 / 霧面灰 / 霧面綠

可以搭配日本Caesar Flip 翻轉前掛 GR EYE LOCKY 極致輕量眼鏡繩作為日常使用。
目前 CLASSICO 直營門市皆可以試戴到 UNO2 款式!

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